My Thoughts and S#!t I Probably Shouldn’t Say

Some of us on 3 weeks or 4 weeks in quarantine. Before it hit, lot of people thinking God was punishing folks for not paying enough attention to him. I still see a little bit now but this ain’t stuff we can just pray away is it?
Some of us is running out of scriptures to fight covid-19.
Y’all was pleading the blood but still went in quarantine didn’t ya. I swear I’m not poking fun but I see a huge drop off in the energy. 😀😂
When the NBA shut down and all the rappers and other entertainers started shutting tours down, I saw it coming.
All the posts about God shutting down the worldly activities. How we need to focus more on The Word, Jesus is about to come back, folks happy thinking they about to leave.(shameless rapture joke😂😂😂)
Sup now. These entertainers and athletes are people too. They got families to feed too. Why pass judgement on them when you know you participate as well. All the Warriors and Chiefs fans. All the LeBron folks. All the Megan thee stallion followers. I see y’all ladies. Twerking to her music. Corona came through y’all even threw her under the bus.😂 But I see y’all. Y’all know that Savage knock. It’s just a matter of time before y’all on tiktok with a video and the very next day posting about how God know ya heart. Come on man. Y’all know what this is.
All I’m saying is God want us to live our lives, love, and have fun. I know we get serious and let things divide us. We got jobs and careers. Bills and kids we wanna kill sometimes and Maybe this is the universal way to remember that we take ourselves too seriously. I hate that people are sick and dying from this but there is a lesson to learn. We should live more like squirrels. When the last time you seen them give any fucks about anything. They play, have sex, Dodge cars and all that weirdness. They don’t hang in big packs but I’m sure none of them are intentionally dividing themselves. When the last time you seen a Christian squirrel arguing with a Muslim one.
Get ya groceries, liquor if you drink, happy smoke and chill with ya families. This too shall pass.