Covid Chronicles Part 2

Yesterday, Last night to be exact, I ate meat for the first time in 28 days.

Fried chicken from Price Chopper to be exact and I feel great about it.

If you live in Overland Park, Kansas you know the chicken at the Price Chopper on 87th and Antioch is by far the best in town.

Better than Popeyes, Churches, and KFC combined. So when it ended up in my house, it was only a matter of time until the temptation of that seducing aroma and memory of that succulent taste overcame me.

I definitely like eating and being healthy but sometimes, I need to just let go. Now, I’ll start back from Day 1.

I started a new N R Transition Facebook page and if anyone likes, feel free to join or add or like or follow or however you may connect😂😂😂 I’ll be sharing much of the material I’ve used to help me along my personal development. Along with my own content.

I got a call yesterday to start back at work next Monday. Definitely happy about that.

And finally, I’ll begin the process of putting these blogs into book form and and releasing a book by the summer.

This period of time has definitely been a reset. Hopefully we will all move forward with more purpose and intent learning how precious life is.

I hope this period of time has reintroduced people to themselves. People have picked up that hobby you put down years ago, brought back the passion in marriages, strengthens relationships with children, provided time for study and personal development, meditation or whatever it was that you took for granted.

There was more than enough for us all to do and I hope full advantage was taken.

In closing, be gentle with yourselves. Learn more. Pursue goals. Dare to be great.

Published by: Wet.Dirt

Greetings friends. My name is Torrey Jones AKA Wet.Dirt. I'm a writer, music producer, song writer, composer, rapper and a somewhat rookie blogger. I welcome you to my page. I love hip-hop, boxing, spirituality and other things that you will be seeing as we go on this journey together. At times Ill be all over the place for things I blog via writing or blog but also, I'm here as a support for people who are in there transition from leaving religion. I'm not here to push anyone in any direction but what I've experienced in my own journey that it could be a very lonely time in ones life. Hopefully I can provide encouragement, references, and maybe just someone to listen. Also, I definitely like to have fun. I love boxing. I'll be writing blogs on that from time to time. Hip-hop. I love rap. Ill be sharing my own music along with other artist I feel we all should know about. Then, Ill just be blabbering my thoughts from time to time in entries I call "My thoughts and S#!T I probably shouldn't say". All in all, I'm here to learn and help others learn and feel safe while reminding folks and myself to not take this thing called life so seriously. Peace and Love Folk!!!!

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